Vehicle & Room Sanitization

Pro - Ice Clean are delighted to announce our new service of sanitizing vehicles, domestic premises and commercial premises using the Sany Car and the Sany Med 80 systems.

The systems are in use in 18 countries around the world to assist with the reduction and containment of the Coronavirus and are tested and certified independently and by government officials.

We are delighted to be able to play our part in assisting employers as they reopen in the coming weeks with this very affordable method of sanitizing.

Sanitizing of Motor Vehicles

Sany Car

Sanycar Sanitization system for vehicle sanitization from Pro-Ice Clean Limited, Ireland

  • Motor Vehicles (up to 100 sq. ft) - Duration 22 mins
  • Ambulances / Vans / Minibus (up to 250 sq. ft) - Duration 27 mins
  • Campervans (up to 500 sq. ft) - Duration 42 mins
Our SANY CAR ozone generator removes bacteria and allergens from your motor vehicle and removes the bad smells of organic and inorganic nature such as smoking, food, animal fur and transpiration.

SANY CAR is the ideal device to sanitise and deodorise both the interior and whole air-conditioning system of every type of vehicle: cars, campers, SUVs, minibuses, ambulances, medical cars, vans, trucks and little crafts.

SANY CAR is light and easy to be carried and it is powered with electric energy through a normal socket. It’s provided with a simple and intuitive display with 3 pre-set working programs, different for the duration of the treatment and the quantity of ozone to produce. Each one is planned to expressly guarantee the best result in the shortest time possible, depending on the type of vehicle.

Its exclusive "Safe System" allows to reconvert the residual ozone in oxygen in a safe, quick and completely automatized way. Thanks to this device, it is possible to deliver and use again the vehicle just after the end of the treatment.

Sanitizing of Rooms / Small Environments

Sany Med

Sanymed Sanitization system for room sanitization from Pro-Ice Clean Limited, Ireland

  • Room / environment (up to 200 sq. ft) -Duration 34 mins
  • Room / Environment (up to 500 sq. ft) - Duration 50 mins
  • Room / Environment (up to 800 sql. ft) - Duration 90 mins
Our SANY MED ozone generator is designed to sanitise and deodorise the healthcare environments and the commercial areas of small dimensions.

SANY-MED 80 is the ideal device to sanitise medical practices, vet practices, dental practices, chemical analytical laboratories. It is recommended to disinfect offices, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, beauty cabins, caf├ęs, restaurant rooms, shops and any type of commercial place with high traffic.

SANY MED 80 is light and easy to be carried and it is powered by electrical energy through a normal socket. It’s provided with a simple and intuitive times/functions display, an extractable aspiration filter and with 3 different programs for duration and quantity of generated ozone. It is safe and easy to use, because provided with an electrical box, which manages all the process of sanitising in complete autonomy, it selects automatically the correct quantity of ozone to input in the place and it optimizes the exposition time in order to avoid damages to objects and surfaces.

Unlike the most of sanitisers on the market, SANY MED 80 is provided with the "Safe System", a device which catches the residual ozone at the end of the program and reconverts it in oxygen, allowing to get back to the normal activities inside the place in total safety, as required by the law: D.Lgs. 81/2008 Unique Text in the subject of health and safety protection in the working places.

About Pro-Ice Clean Ltd

Pro-Ice Clean Ltd provides Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning and sanitization services to the public, commercial, engineering and industrial sectors throughout Ireland.

All our technicians are fully trained and safety certified in the operation of our equipment and our company maintains an impeccable safety record.

Contact us for advice on your business blast cleaning or sanitizing requirements and we can provide a free no-obligation demonstration, assessment of your requirements and quote.

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