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Tyre mould cleaning - Dry Ice Blasting  by Pro-Ice Clean Ltd., County Donegal, Ireland

Rubber mould cleaning - Dry Ice Blasting  by Pro-Ice Clean Ltd., County Donegal, Ireland
Dry Ice blasting provides solutions for major cleaning issues in plastics & composite processing. Dry ice blasting provides a non-abrasive method to safely clean moulds online at operating temperatures and therefore:

Surface Preparation

Dry Ice Blasting is a dry process that prepares surfaces and

Parts Finishing

Dry ice blasting provides a faster and more uniform flash and burr removal process without causing damage to the part.

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About Pro-Ice Clean Ltd

Pro-Ice Clean Ltd provides Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning services to the public, commercial, engineering and industrial sectors throughout Ireland.

All our technicians are fully trained and safety certified in the operation of our equipment and our company maintains an impeccable safety record.

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